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Comprehensive Communications Systems Corp.


CCSC is an established, 25 operational years, woman owned, Data Network Service Corporation. Over the years CCSC has specialized in the design and implementation of land based and wireless broadband network systems. Ranging from the supporting hardware to maintaining network operations capabilities that ensure network functionality and 99.999 reliability.

CCSC has developed specialized data communications applications for a wide range of clients, including: SBC, Walgreen, Hewitt Associates, Sears, AT&T, IBM, Herman Miller and Pulse/TYME. A diverse portfolio of product solutions include: satellite backup systems, customer premise electronic bridges, line sharing/switching devices, E911 Automatic Location Identification tools for voice over IP (VOIP) systems, a graphical user interface asset management database software package and radio frequency identification (RFID) systems for real-time personnel locating and tracking.

Wireless services include:
  • Support and service corporate wireline and wireless voice and data networks;
  • Provide the voice and data provisioning services of new clients and optimization of existing accounts.
  • Corporate cellular plan sales and administration
  • Application development for wireless broadband devices such as PDA (Personal Data Assistant) devices,
  • Wireless security surveillance systems
  • Handheld wireless Tablet technologies.
  • CCSC has evolved over the years as a wireless and land based voice, data, and video service provider addressing the convergence of all three industries. The company has over two decades of experience in servicing and network maintenance with-in the financial and general business industries.